Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Great repurposing idea

Hi, Rachel here. Just popping in very quickly today to share a link with you (I've been hit by a horrid summer cold and am feeling a bit blah, so please forgive the brevity of this post!)

I recently spotted this idea for repurposing old cosmetic jars and thought it was very cute! I personally have a whole shoebox full of these kinds of blue glass jars (I'm a Neals Yard fan) that I cannot bear to throw away, or even to put in the recycling bins, so I thought this would be a really great way of re-using them. I've never made candles before, but have always fancied having a go, and this does look pretty easy, so I think it will be going on my list of things to do!

(Link originally found via this blog).

Do let us know if you give this a try, or if you have found any other repurposing ideas that we could share here.

Rachel x

Thursday, 15 July 2010


This beautiful crocheted flower necklace is the creation of our lovely friend Jane at Hooked Yarn.

What you probably don't realise though is that, in an incredibly inventive bit of repurposing, Jane has used old Morrisons carrier bags to create the yarn to make the flowers!

How clever is that! (And this isn't the first time Jane has done something like this - if you checked out all the Green Swap posts you might have noticed that she also crocheted a little trinket pot using old cassette tape!)

We think this is a brilliant example of how, with a little imagination, even the most dull and uninspiring items can be turned into something special. To read Jane's full post, click here.

Emma & Rachel x

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Green Swap Links - part two

Apologies for taking so long to post this! My only excuse is that the heat has made me more lethargic than usual (!) and I still haven't been able to find all the links, so if I've missed you out please do email us asap and let us know where you posted about your swap goodies. In the meantime, do check out these lovely ladies:-

and A Country Girl

Big thanks again to everyone who took part!

I realise that we've been a bit quiet over the last couple of months, but I've got a couple of ideas brewing so will hopefully have a few more posts for you soon! Watch this space...

Rachel & Emma x