Wednesday, 9 September 2009

TLBG Wednesday - Green Cleaning

First off don't forget to check out Rachel's post today underneath this one!!

OK green cleaning, I have to confess that on this topic it is only really recently that I have started to think about the products I use and what effect they have on the environment. I used to have an awful habit of running taps whilst cleaning or even brushing my teeth. This has stopped as I watch a documentary about how wasting water contributes massively to the rapidly shrinking ice caps which in turn is making the survival of polar bears extremely difficult. As normal guilt set in and that was more running water.

I try to fill a bucket or the sink while cleaning and try to make it go as far as I can. I also used to buy cleaning cloths or sponges (artificial ones of course, not that it makes it any better). But I have now switched to reusable cleaning cloths and dusters that you just pop in your washer and they are as good as new!! I bought Sarah Smith dusters and cleaning cloths a while ago from Tesco but you can buy them here.

Cleaning cloths

Whilst browsing round Tesco I noticed that they do their own Eco cleaning range called 'naturally...' now ideally I would love to be like Kim & Ag from 'How clean is your house?' but in reality there just aren't enough hours in the day for making my own cleaning solutions so I thought I'd give this a try.

I bought the bathroom cleaner, which contains cleaning ingredients derived from plants extracts, packaging exceeds current biodegradability legislation, product and ingredients not tested on animals and the bottle and trigger can be recycled where facilities exist. It works really well, just as good as the normal chemical cleaning product I was using and it smells lovely.

I also bought their toilet cleaner which includes ingredients that are derived from natural plant extracts using sustainable agricultural practices, readily biodegrades far exceeding legislative requirements, does not contain phosphates or phosphonates, is not tested on animals and has minimal impact on aquatic life. And again smells lovely.

On my next shop I'm planning on replacing my multi surface cleaner and looking for an Eco alternative for dishwasher tablets if anyone has any suggestions? I'd love to hear them.

So that's about it for me.....I'm hoping to get some more tips and ideas from all your posts this week so keep'em coming! :D

Emma x

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