Sunday, 11 October 2009

Morsbags in the Spotlight - Round up

I'd like to start this weeks round up post by sending big hugs to both Rachel (my partner in the fight towards making the world thatlittlebitgreener) and dotsorstripes who have been feeling quite under the weather. Hope you are feeling better soon!!

So lets get back to rounding up....well again members you haven't disappointed. I love the fact that not only have some of you posted about Morsbags but you're also getting involved :D great stuff!!

Marmaladekiss, we love reading your TLBG posts, you are soooo inspiring, your posts are always thought provoking and packed full of great quotes and facts. This week Marmaladekiss talks about the concept behind Morsbags and goes ever further to talk about what we put in our shopping you shop ethically? Looks like we may delve into this subject in another Wednesday topic, its definitely something that we need to cover.

Alex posted about her friend Josie who is an expert at making Morsbags, 81 is her total to date...WAY TO GO JOSIE!! Check out Alex's and Josie's posts, her bags are fab.

Sweetmyrtle showed us her Morsbag and tells us how easy it is to get in there and get involved. She has also been very generous to make 5 and give them away....go and check it out. Thanks Ginny, its great to see you guys getting really involved and PIF. You all make Rachel and I very proud.

I had not heard of Morsbags before Rachel suggested we do a Spotlight post on them, I'm so pleased we did, even though I have used re-usable bags for a long time its been so nice to get others on board too. Hopefully through our posting this week we have raised awareness for and even inspired people to make some and stop using plastic carriers.......

Its times like these that you think supermarket chains would get involved in this its all well and good offering re-usable bags to buy in the stores but the amount it costs them to make all these plastic bags surely they could offer free ones!?!?!? And if not then they should be charged a penalty for all these bags ending up in our rivers, seas, beaches and landfills!! Tesco's, Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons are you listening!!! You could target the masses. If we continue to pollute our land and water with hideous and harmful plastic bags, then one day you wont have any customers to fill your lovely, well lit, plastic bag churning stores!!

Members please don't forget to post your links, Jo kindly pointed us in the direction of mrlinky (thank you Jo), so if you check at the bottom of Wednesdays post you will see a little box, enter your name and your link to your TLBG post and you'll be added to the list at the bottom of the post here so that we can all see what you have written.

Thanks again for another week of great posts and if you have any other organisations that you would like us to put in the spotlight then get in touch.

Emma & Rachel xxx


ginny said...

hi ladies...
just checking the spelling... it is 'Morsbags' without an e... i got a little confused and thought i had spelled it incorrectly. also to let you know that the link to their website on the post doesn't work.

Emma & Rachel said...

Hi Ginny,
Emma here, apologies for the mis spelling it was very late last night when I wrote the post (must have had inspector morse on the brain :D ha ha) thank you for bringing it up...thats why the link didn't work either. All fixed now.

Emma xx

KL said...

Thanks for your kind words about my illness. I've recovered now and luckily, no-one else in my house seems to have caught it (as I put myself into swift isolation!) Hope Rachel is also on the mend. x