Wednesday, 11 November 2009

In the Spotlight - The Story of Stuff

Just a quick post today, as I think this one can really speak for itself. If you haven't watched this 20 minute web-movie already, then please do - it's a real eye-opener. I first saw it probably some time last year, and I believe it has such an important message, especially at this time of the year when we're all gearing up for Christmas shopping. It'll make you look at all those cheap goods that you thought were such a bargain in a whole new light. And get your kids to watch it too - younger children probably wouldn't be interested but I would think a 10 year old could understand it all ok.

You can watch the movie here -

Next week we'll be continuing our Countdown to a Greener Christmas with the subject of decorations so if you have any handmade ornaments or tutorials to share please do let us know.

Take care
Rachel x


ginny said...

Hi emma and rachel,
i am aware that i have not written my christmas TLBG post yet ... i want to assure you that it is on my to do list (which is pretty long just now). Christmas excesses realy sadden me so i will definately write about this and also will try and add a tutorial (have just done a workshop teaching handmade decs for all ages). 'the story of stuff' is a must to watch. awareness and taking responsibility is essential.
hope you are having a happy week,
warm wishes
ginny x

smilernpb said...


Just watched the video. The bit about breastmilk had me STUNNED. I almost wanted to run into the kitchen and give Bronte a bottle!

It was very enlightening, thank you.

Hugs to you both. xx

smilernpb said...

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Goodness me, I had an idea that the system was designed to be the way it is today, but its good to have someone back it up with research... I am glad to see Europe got a mention that we are not as bad with the shopping and working to shop thing yet... perhaps thats why we are last to come out of the recession... we have not shopped our way out of it like everyone else. I think in the bigger scheme we are much more able to nip this in the bud as an Island country... its just that enough of us need to want to do it...

great post
Thank you