Sunday, 9 May 2010

Green Swap Partners

A big thank you to everyone who signed up for our first swap! We have eighteen participants and, to pair people up, I pulled names out of a hat, only making adjustments for those who did not want to post internationally. So, without further ado, here are the partners!

Annie and Floss
Marigold Jam and French Frog
Linny (no blog) and Valerie (Valerie, if you could email us at I will pass on Linny's email address)
Emma and Jane
A Country Girl and Maria
Sue and Daisie
The Madhouse and Lorraine
Gemma and Rachel
Mad About Bags and Stuffed Nonsense

Please do let us know if any of the links aren't working properly! Now, click on the link to your partner and leave them a comment to say hello, and start getting to know each other. You have until Monday 7th June to get your parcels together and posted, and it would be great if you could blog about your progress and ideas along the way (without giving too much away, of course, we wouldn't want to spoil any surprises, would we?!)

If, for any reason, you have any problems or you feel you are unable to complete the swap, PLEASE do let us know. We fully understand that, sometimes, life just gets in the way, but we would hate for anyone to be left disappointed, (because, unfortunately, this does sometimes happen) but if you let us know then we can at least try to make alternative arrangements. Thanks for your understanding on this matter.

Now it's time to go and get your thinking caps on! Emma and I will try to post a few ideas over the next couple of weeks, but we can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Above all, have fun, and thanks again for taking part!

Emma & Rachel x


Maria said...

Hi Emma and Rachel, Thank you for organising this swap, I am looking forward to putting a parcel together for my partner..:)

Serenata said...

I'm already paired with MadHouse for another swap I am doing this month, would it be possible to swap with someone else please - I'm sure Jen would agree.

Floss said...

Thanks very much for organising this - Annie got in touch with me ASAP and I've been enjoying reading her blog and getting a few ideas...

A Country Girl said...

Thanks for organising:)