Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Eating this chocolate saves trees

Do you remember back in June'ish when Rachel and I set about organising a 'Green' themed swap? Quite a few of you took part and there were some fantastic parcels exchanged. My partner in the swap was the lovely Jane from over at Hooked Yarn, she sent me the most lovely things in my parcel. Amongst all the goodies she sent me there was a bar of Organic Meltdown Hazelnuts and currants Chocolate (did I mention that it is also fair trade chocolate). Ashamedly it took way less time for me to gobble down the chocolate than it did for me to actually getting round to writing this post. The main thing is that I am doing it now :D

On the front of the bar it quotes "Eating this chocolate saves trees", intrigued? I was.....so after eating the chocolate I read the inside of the wrapper. Inside it stated that if you went to their website which is in partnership with the World Land Trust and enter your code you could track the tree that you saved by buying the chocolate.

So this morning off I went to www.organicmeltdown.com and registered my details and code. I watch two very sad video clips of the rainforest's in Ecuador and found on google maps where my tree is. It is situated near Rio Chico which is in between Ambato and Puyo. The proceeds from the chocolate bar are donated to the World Land Trust so technically both Jane and I saved the tree together.
Their goal is to save 5 million trees in Ecuador by 2012, that's a lot of chocolate bars. I'm sure I can help a little by eating a few more ;) Their website is definitely worth checking out, there is a lot of information on the World Land Trust and the work they do, including working with the Happy Charitable Trust, the rainforest's in general and all the beautiful plants and animals that reside there.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

At the moment I feel like I could save the whole rainforest... bring on the chocolate! lol

Floss said...

Brillaint idea. I've been reading the inside of chocolate wrappers (whilst eating the chocolate, obviously) since coming to France - their fair trade choc wrapping is absolutely covered in info about the producers and the way their lives are improving. I'll look out for this brand when I pop over to Scotland in a few weeks. What a hard task that will be...

Serenata said...

What a great idea. I'm not really a great chocolate eater, but next time I do I will make sure it is a bar of this!