Thursday, 2 December 2010

I'm loving right now!!

I'm really loving this creamy body wash from Weleda, not only is it a pH balanced wash but its also an Eco friendly product. I came across Weleda earlier in the year and I have to say this Pomegranate body wash is lovely. When I first read the blurb on the back it stated that it invigorates the senses, I did the normal thing of thinking yeah OK it smells nice, but when I used it in the shower it reminded me of Summer, fruit flavoured cocktails and ginger beer. Now I know that sounds strange but those are some of my favorite things about Summer. And for the most important bit it made my skin very soft and C even said when we got into bed later that I 'smelled like fruit' I'm taking that as a compliment :D It is a little more expensive than the body wash I normally use but I can tell the difference so you do get what you pay for. I'd buy it for the smell alone.

I'm very eager to try some more of their products and like the fact that they also do a cleansing and toning range. Oh I must not forget to add that this product is suitable for Vegans too.

They have a great range of gifts too for Christmas, hint hint Chris!!!

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marigold jam said...

Have been a fan of Weleda since the 60s and their rose moisturiser is lovely and the smell takes me back to those days!