Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The very first TLBG Wednesday - Emma

Hi Rachel and all you fellow 'littlebitgreeners' just thought I'd better pop in and say hello too....first off I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Rachel for joining me on this little venture. You're sooooo fab!!

I have to be totally honest with you all, until about two and half years ago being green and 'trying' to do my bit for the environment was never an important issue to me. And feel quite sad that only since then I have adapted my lifestyle to being more green.....In the past 2 and 1/2 years I have recycled as much as possible, we are lucky to have been provided with a 'green' bin from our council. In here we can put plastic, paper, card, cans, plastic bottles.....there's a very long list. They also provide us with a blue bottle bin too....and last year we signed up for the brown composting bin for garden and food waste.

But after seeing an interview with Vivienne Westwood it really touched a nerve with me and made me sit and think about what was actually happening to our planet and realised that so many people are just sitting by watching it happen.....surely if we all were a 'little bit greener' it would make a difference? Even if just a little we are all trying?

So this really is the reason behind TLBG, I am by no means an Eco-warrior or that I want to preach to you all. What I would love is for us all to come together as a blogging community and inspire each other to, save energy, re-cycle, etc. We want to hear all your wonderful and even wacky ways you try to contribute to being greener and have fun and make new friends along the way.

So don't forget to contact us if you want to be on the members lists, and its over to you: write a post about your green ideas, tips, tutorials, what ever you like and don't forget to put TLBG in your post title......we're following you all so we'll be able to spot your posts.

Looking forward to reading your posts, big hugs...
Emma xx


MyBeadyEye... said...


I have put a very honest post on my blog but didn't know how to put a link to TLBG know I am not very good with these things yet :-) xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I think its a fab idea, after all blogging is the accumalation of like minded people...

If we all tried to be more frugal, waste less food, water and love how much happier would we be... My son loves the film Walle and it has some very deep messages that I really hope people stop to consider..

perhaps our only hope is to educate our children to live better...

x ALex