Saturday, 29 August 2009

TLBG - Round up post

Just thought I'd stop by and do a little round up of this weeks TLBG posts that you had all written. Wow what a response!! I loved reading through all of them.

Lisa Ridgeon Originals wrote a post about organic food and plastic. I loved Lisa's post on striving to buy organic meat in the hope of the animals living a good life before they are consumed, but frustrated by the fact its all presented in plastic (not good!). Lisa also writes about her frustration that the government released a statement saying, organic food has no more nutrition than non organic food.....Durrrr!!!! They are totally missing the point!!! You buy organic food because there are no pesticides or chemicals used in the growing/rearing process - therefore better for human consumption (I'm sure we wouldn't like to drink these chemicals they use on crops!!), better for wildlife and certainly better for the environment!!! WAY TO GO LISA!!!!

Alex over at Pink Feather Paradise wrote a great post about plastic milk bottles and how she is trying to go back to glass (which can be re-used - not all plastic can be recycled!!) which also takes me to the post that Rachel (TLBG) wrote about using milk bags!! Which I am going to give a go.

Marmaladekiss wrote a totally awesome post about a book called 'Small Wonder" pop over and read her post if you haven't already.

I also loved all the posts that were about the little things like using a Ferrero Rocher box to store your threads in rather than buying new (SweetMyrtle).

This is what TLBG is all about, I'm overwhelmed with the response to our new blog and all the posts that were written this week. I'm learning lots of new ways to be greener and its making me think about the decisions I make whether it be shopping, cleaning, throwing rubbish out, re-using things and even making tasty mish mash meals out of food that needs to be used rather than throwing it away after its gone a bit yucky because I didn't. Just because the combination isn't in a cookbook doesn't mean you cant eat it together!!

I hope you are all getting something out of TLBG - I'm looking forward to reading your next posts. We'll be setting the topic for the next post here Wednesday 2nd September for you to write a post for Wednesday 9th September.

See you then!!
Emma xx

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