Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Green Swap links - part one

Here, as promised, are the first batch of links to our Green Swap participants' posts. Sorry it's taken me a while to sort this - I can't seem to keep up with things at the moment - but I hope you'll take the time to follow the links and see all the wonderful things that people came up with for this swap. There have been some really ingenious ideas!

To see what Emma received from Jane, click here
To see what Lorraine received from me, click here
To see what I received from Lorraine, click here
To see what Annie received from Floss, click here
To see what Jane received from Emma, click here
To see what The French Frog sent her partner, Marigold Jam, click here
and to see what Gemma sent to The Mad House, click here

Obviously, there are still some links to come in, so I will be chasing those up and will hopefully post the rest very soon. Once we've heard from everyone, we'll do a proper round up post.

Rachel x


Maria said...

Hi Rachel, I have just looked at the links for other peoples parcels and there are some great things there. This is the link for what I got from my partner Dawn (Life on the east coast)http://meandma-maria.blogspot.com/2010/06/two-swap-parcels-in-one-day.html.

Floss said...

Hello - I've done mine now!


I really, really enjoyed this swap - thanks so much for organiising it.

Gemma said...

If blogged about the lovely goodies Jen sent me