Saturday, 5 June 2010

Green Swap Reminder!

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for sending out your green swap parcel is Monday 7th June. Please do drop us a line and let us know once you have blogged about your swap parcel so that we can all come and see what you sent and, once everyone has received their parcels, we'll do a little round up post.

Thanks again to everyone who is taking part.

Rachel & Emma xx


Floss said...

Ohh, how exciting! I've posted mine, but not blogged about it yet - I was going to wait to check it had arrived.

gtlady said...

Have posted, its been recieved and liked (phew) so have blogged! I loved this swap, a really original idea and gave me a chance to play and do something a little bit different. Pics and info on my blog

Thanks again ladies!

Bagladee said...

Here's a link to my swap parcel post : Hope everyone had fun xx

Gemma said...

Here's what I sent- I can blog because I know Jen has received it
This was sooooo much fun- thanks Emma and Rachel

Annie said...

Hi, recieved mine - blogged :

Sent mine, and its been recieved. Looking forward to all the posts!!!